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“A vision of driving a green printing and packaging industry will be the core of our success in future as we create a cohesive shared value approach with all our partners across value chains, whether regionally or internationally and through social engagements in the area of sustainable production processes…” -: Fatima Tahwa, Executive Chairwoman

Global climatic changes have become undeniably real to the extent that certain ways of doing business, social integration and environment concerns can pose threats; hence the only option is investing both time and resources sustainably to position Paper Place in a very advantageous position to meet the demands of these challenges while maintaining returns.

Our investment in factors of production with technology that is Industry 4.0 compliant and also alternative greener energy power sources will see us reducing carbon emissions into the environment. Implementing 4.0 will also translate to up-scaling of production processes in an efficient, cost effective manner to ensure that the change in how we produce will push towards sustainable production and consumption; thus have a real green industry by 2023.

On social engagements, we currently offer recycling services on behalf of a partner for Polypropylene plastic products and also engage with relevant stakeholders in areas of tree planting initiatives.

Future synergies will be created by partnering with experts in the area of paper recycling as Paper Place continues its expansion to create a full ecosystem of our business model by setting up a separate plant for recycling of paper.

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