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Fatima Tahwa

“The Underdog with Grit”
Executive Chairwoman - Director
Creating a shared value and not negating on our promise to drive a green printing and packaging industry has enabled us to stay competitive in the business…we earned our stripes through dedication to hard work, critical thinking and adopting a relentless growth attitude for our partners’ products. This is who we are at Paper Place.

Mohamed Hafiz

CEO Director
My team and I promise to offer reliable and efficient service to all of our valued clients, always striving to maintain honesty and integrity in every aspect of overall operations

Yunus Hafiz

Committed to growing the printing industry making it a progressive and dynamic cadre, whilst ensuring every objective is completed efficiently by our motivated and resourceful staff further enhancing sustainable and profitable relationships with customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

Stacy Lambert

Administration Manager
I pride myself on selling the printing services we offer on an honest basis, a cut above the rest. Truth and Honesty is the best policy as it builds relationships and magical moments together…

Mariah Tholanah

Graphic Designer
The premium source of creative messages implemented through visual communication in the form of conceptual print design, marketing various local brands so as to reach-out to people and for problem-solving purposes.

Blessing K. Gono

Graphic Designer
Taking print origination to greater heights through innovative layout design for print, paying attention to detail, providing the best services and products to meet the expectations of our customers in the digital technology.

Benedict Saika

Sales & Marketing
Providing prompt quick service that doesn’t compromise on quality and deliverables for those tight deadlines are met in a conducive environment that still enables our clients realize their overall business goals.

Danielle Alibaba

Sales & Marketing
Passionately driven to serve and delight customers by taking time to understand their needs and customizing branding products that speak to their business agenda. I strive in teamwork and view all customers as business partners.

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